BLACKOUT! Results! 6/13/09 by Walrus

Blackout saw a lot of intriguing things develop, perhaps none more so than the fact that James Jowers had staked his claim to the Triple Crown Championship that Edward Laurent unified on that very program. Some suggested that it was only a matter of time before such a thing occured, but one has to wonder just what exactly Mr. UWE has up his sleeve in preparation for cementing his claim to #1 Contendership Status.

Also on the program, Maria revealed that she may not be as sweet and simple as she had led on, as we have received word from our sources within UWE that Spiral has received a broken nose at her hand, as well as Duane Anthony's vicious kick in the throat, we are receiving word that he will be out indefinitely with an, and I quote, "upper body injury", but perhaps the real story was the Hardcore Championship Main Event, where fan favourite Stoner managed to retain over returning Ty Bahr, gangsta Jihadist Allen Marrow, and even Mr. UWE James Jowers. The match was vicious and could only be displayed on a station like HBO, where there are no limits and anything goes. All in all, Blackout is being considered a big success, and Duke Hamilton has received a three year extension on his program's deal, as we are reporting the show drew a 2.3 rating, with approximately 3.8 million viewers, most certainly a new record for HBO.

Quick results!

BLACKOUT, 6/12/09
Denver, Colorado
5,600 Fans
- Full House

1. Debut Offer Match: Maria def. Spiral (x), Duane Anthony (6:31) with the Chick Kick.
2. Pyronus Return Match: Orion McCoy def. Pyronus Souria (18:57) with the Flash Cradle.
3. Hardcore Title: Stoner (c) def. Allen Marrow, James J, and Anderson (x) (22:05) with the Tail-Whip Stunner.

Duke Hamilton speaks out on the state of Blackout! 6/9/09 by Walrus

Duke Hamilton had a special interview yesterday that ran on the AP Wire. We're picking it up here because, well, we're a site dedicated to all things UWE-related. The Duke had a lot to say, but we'll sum it up in some easy quotations and call it Journalism!

"So, you wanna know what tha' Duke thinks? Blackout, is the new generation of UWE to fulfill the new generation of fans and wrestler's out there. It ain't the typical run of the mill crap people are use to having crammed down their throats by Greenbean, who isn't even in touch with the product he has. Basically, in with the new (Blackout), and out with the motha fuckin' old(Showdown)

Oh Duke, you baller, you.

Showdown results + Showdown/Blackout cards! 6/9/09 by Walrus

Live from the House of Bean, Adam Deming defeated the X in what is being described as a very personal bout between the two men. Other show notes include Scylla forcing a submission victory from Raven Arkaos. Perhaps the biggest news of the night was the fact that Bryan Blaze--fresh off of his impressive, decisive win over Laurent at Fight Night 4--came to the ring and challenged the UWE Heavyweight Champion Angelus to a match at the forthcoming Royal Rumble! Here are the quick results from last night's action.

UWE Showdown, 6/8/09
Hattiesburg, Mississipi
9,096 Fans

1. Espio def. The Ace Killer (12:12) after the Psychotic Diagnosis.
2. ~ DESTINY RETURN MATCH: Efinn Rox def. Kris Destiny (4:21) after a Psycho Driver II.
3. Scylla def. Raven Arkaos (16:59) with the Redemption Lock.
4. Adam Deming def. The X (20:03) with the Sharpshooter.

Also, next week's Showdown card has been announced.

UWE Showdown, 6/15/09
Houston, Texas

1. Debut Offer Match: The Ace Killer vs Masahide vs Jamal Alvandi
2. Scylla vs Jake Daniels
3. Rumble Warm-Up: Bryan Blaze vs Raven Arkaos
4. Ace Borger vs Kenji Moori

But that's not all! The new UWE show BLACKOUT is also getting its debut THIS Friday night! The card has been finalized for the debut show, and it looks a little something like this...

Denver, Colorado

1. Debut Offer Match: Duane Anthony vs Maria vs Spiral
2. Pyronus Return Match: Pyronus Souria vs Orion McCoy
3. Hardcore Title: Stoner (c) vs Anderson vs Allen Marrow vs James J

Stacked cards, tune in on Friday nights on HBO for Blackout, and Mondays... check local listings!

Welcome to King's Road! 6/9/09 by Walrus

Hello everybody! Ever since catching UWE on television a few years ago, me and my buddy Chad have been enamoured with the sport of professional wrestling. This site is dedicated to the UWE and all of the UWE-related news that floats around the web, all nice and neat in this one little package. Have fun!